How does it compare with a New York Bagel?

I found the answer to my questions on the rooftop at the Global Ambassador Hotel, Camelback Road, here in Phoenix, on a warm and sunny February day. 

George and I have celebrated over 50 of my birthdays together and it takes  all his creative energy to find something  new and amazing.

How did he find  restaurant théa? He was reading an article in the New York Times recommending  good places to visit in Phoenix, Arizona on a short stay….

When I had eaten my Bagel and Lox and he had finished his B.E.C. He asked our friendly waitress what Mr Fox might suggest  to end my birthday celebration.

Why did he say that? Here in the USA it is the custom for restaurants to surprise guests at the end of a celebratory meal.

Who is Sam Fox? He is the entrepreneur who created a series of innovative restaurants beginning here in Phoenix, and now his first hotel, the Global Ambassador.

We remembered the former nondescript,  commercial corner here on Camelback Road as we sat back  tasting  lemon olive oil cake and sipping cappuccinos, absorbing the drama of the silent mountain looming large over this newcomer, théa , hosting the Sunday brunch crowd.

What did it take for Sam Fox to envision the Global Ambassador in all its splendor, with so many unique little details, like the gold, dark blue and moss green colors  worn by the staff serving at théa?

What kind of mind does it take to envision a welcoming, harmonious, intricate, atmosphere that breathes hospitality without ostentation, at the feet of awe invoking mountains? What was his creative process? Who were the helpers that brought his ideas to life?

And then we look again at the ancient mountain mass, brought close by a shining blue backdrop.

And ask who  created  this mountain, 

or the imaginative mind of a man, 

or our capacity to see and gaze in wonder?