A Phoenix Sunrise

I wake up early and glance out of the window, suddenly alert, the melody and words of an old hymn flood my mind.

When morning gilds the skies

My heart awakening cries…

And then I lift my iPhone and  record the joy to share with Instagram friends.

Early morning sky

As I tinker with the wording, a message alert from Fontis-Verlag lights up the screen.

Fontis -Verlag is the German publisher of my autobiography, “Meine Krone in der Asche“(“A Garland for Ashes”) .

They are sharing an Instagram story about a new blog they have just posted, 

 Ein Abschied Für Immer” (“Goodbye Forever”).

It is the 84th anniversary of the forever parting from my parents at Köln Hauptbahnhof.

“Ein Abschied für immer” (“Goodbye Forever”)

I have forgotten  that today’s date is July 24, when we said our last goodbye but Fontis-Verlag has remembered.

And then I sit still and remember  this morning’s sky and ponder the rest of the words of that old hymn, as I embrace the meaning of today’s anniversary.

Filming the story at the Köln Hauptbahnh, October 2022.

Reading from Chapter 1, titled  “From Köln to London”