Vladimir Putin speaking at WW2 Memorial service, 24 August, 2023 in Russia. | Photo source: Gavriil Grigorov/EPA, via Shutterstock

This week inescapable headline images splash across media platforms and I think about power…

What is it?

Who has it?

I remember Moses who led a tumultuous nation in formation, through the wilderness for 40 years.

Donald Trump in Georgia, USA, 24 August, 2023

Moses before Pharaoh by Marc Chagall

Moses, subjected to intense criticism was described as…..

very meek, more than all people who were upon the face of the earth.

Numbers 12:3

And then my thoughts go to one of my recent heroes, Maximilian Kolbe, a Polish priest, imprisoned in Auschwitz.

Maximilian Kolbe’s cell in Auschwitz, today | Photo source: deathcampsmemorialsite.com

Maximilian Kolbe (1894 – 1941) | Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

He volunteered to take the place of a Jewish prisoner, sentenced to the starvation bunker. When he was slow to die they came to inject him with poison and he lifted up his arm ready to meet his Lord. Today his name is honored and inspires multitudes.

And what did Saul of Tarsus, aka Paul the apostle, mean when he wrote, When I am weak then am I strong ! (2 Corinthians 12:10) Isn’t this the man who changed history? And whose words still inspire today almost 2,000 years later?

Self-portrait as the Apostle Paul, Rembrandt 1661, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam | Photo source: Wikipedia


So much to learn.

Who am I following?

What are your reflections?