At the Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center | Photo: by Janie Dailey

I love to trace the beginning of things.

In the beginning… Genesis 1

In the beginning… John 1

On a micro level, how did George, Micah, Janie and I happen to be at the Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center, on December 1, 2023,  85 years after  the first trains left Germany full of rescued children, later called the Kindertransport?

George, Janie, Ettie and Micah

I sat next to Tony Fusco before a live audience of 4, with Dr Amy Williams tuned in from NY and other unseen guests. We all listened to my pre-recorded testimony and then the three of us interacted with LiveChat questions and comments on our YouTube link.

Tony and I | Photo by Janie Dailey

Amy, Zooming from NY

What were the series of events that led to this remembrance of the Kindertransport inside a Jewish Museum in Arizona on this particular day while the world outside these walls is dabbling with Jew hatred?

Years ago, George and I joined a Reconciliation journey with Thomas and Amy Cogdell.

 Our friendship deepened and recently Thomas posed one of his leading questions, Hanna, why don’t you share your  story with the Shoah Foundation?

 A month or two later Ettie Silber rang our door bell.

 She would be my dream interviewer, Ettie, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, born in a DP camp.

 How could there not be synergy between us?

And Ettie was the link to this invitation to add my voice to the list of oral histories being collected by the Arizona Jewish Historical Society.

Amy and Thomas Cogdell, Janie and Micah Dailey, Amy Williams, Tony Fusco, Ettie Silber, George and I linked by an invisible thread.

Click the button below to listen to Sharing the Gifts of Freedom, the complete testimony and responses with Dr Amy Williams.